After yesterday’s hideous NYTimes blog post that predicts the premature demise of all writers (and everyone else) who sit(s) in a chair for more than four hours a day, today writer Silas House presents the antidote. Mr. House suggests that due to the demands of modern life -- family, job, multitasking -- writers no longer have time to sit in the woods for four hours a day contemplating the meaning of life. (I, in fact, do have time to sit under a tree contemplating endlessly. But then I wouldn’t be, uh, how do you call it, writing.)

Mr. House suggests that we can, instead, engage in writing tasks while doing other things. For example, when he rides his bike to work, he imagines that he is his character on his bike; at the grocery store, ditto, he looks over other shoppers though the eyes of his protagonist.

Obviously, Mr. House does not write from the first person perspective of a YA character – at least my YA character. Only imagine how surly I would be waltzing though life as Gabby Gardiner from Where It Began. Just yesterday, when I was being Emma Lazar from Afterparty, who is at least no stranger to propriety, I engaged in an extensive conversation about the use of the term “slutty ho” in Christmas songs on writer Jen Bosworth’s Facebook page. (Don’t ask.)

Not that I ever, ever, never, ever did anything like what any of my characters ever did, does, or will do, but it’s a wonder I survived some aspects of my youth. If I should actually leave my house in the head of one of my characters, no doubt my reckless driving, drug use, odd choices in sexual partners, and excessive drinking would shorten my life way more than sitting on my couch writing will ever do.

AuthorAnn Stampler