All right, this title might be misleading. Unhelpful reviews of my books don’t actually make me laugh. But here we have a whole website of the least helpful reviews ever, including one which, in this season of great Christmas movies, excoriates “It’s A Wonderful Life.” (Which, if you haven’t seen it, see it!) Who knew “It’s A Wonderful Life” was Commie propaganda? Well, now you know. And just to add to the fun, I thought I’d throw in some delightfully unhelpful one-star review favorites of my own, courtesy of our friends at Goodreads:

On Michelle Ray's “Falling For Hamlet,” which is based on the plot of, well, "Hamlet": “I didn’t like the violence.”

On Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”: “Hamlet is just a whiny brat, he has one screwed up family, and a creepy ghost who won't leave.”

“Pride and Prejudice” has 18,326 one star reviews. They are all unhelpful. But here goes: “I didn’t like this book at all because it seemed like it was all about marriage and girls trying to get boys for their money.”

Dear, dear Jane Austen, I am so, so sorry.

Beyond this, I will refrain from commenting since maniacal raving could be interpreted as unhelpful.

If you have some favorite appalling snippets, or just a restless urge to carry on, feel free!

AuthorAnn Stampler