I’ve been working on a novel a little bit different from the upper YA’s I’ve been doing. I wasn’t really sure where it was going when I started, but my protagonist is clearly 13ish, maybe 14. (Given that the bulk of my books have been literary folktale picture books, the branding train has not only left the station, but derailed, freeing me up to do a series of carnivorous bunny chapter books if I feel like it. I think.) This is a genre I don’t know, with the possible exception of my extreme love for Sharon Creech. So I’ve started reading more older middle grade and younger YA novels, and oh my, there’s some brilliant stuff over there!

I started with Eugene Yelchin’s Breaking Stalin’s Nose, which, with it’s poignant illustrations and clean text, rips your heart out. Then Jo Knowles’ Pearl, with that beautiful prose. And now I’m embarking on Wonder. What a treat!

If you have favorite older MG’s/younger YA’s, do tell.

Meanwhile, in the good angel versus little red devil vein, Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Read Books is up over at Novel in the Oven.

AuthorAnn Stampler