One hundred and one days until Afterparty is released, and suddenly the somewhat solitary, more than somewhat isolating, private process of writing (and rewriting, and rewriting, and rewriting) a book has gone public. I get to interact with some of my favorite people, which, for a writer, means people who love, eat, sleep, and breathe books: YA book bloggers. All of a sudden, my tooling around the internet isn't an activity I ought to avoid because I ought to be writing, or rewriting, or editing, or tacking large stacks of index cards onto a cork board; it's a good thing! I am so happy about this, and after dipping my toe into the water with the Teen Authors are Rock Stars tour earlier this summer (how's that for a massive ego boost for a person who doesn't even own a Les Paul?), yesterday I did a First Look q&a for Tirzah at The Compulsive Reader.

So if anyone wants to know more about Emma, my favorite character in Afterparty; or the hardest part of writing the novel; or how I feel about the (spoiler alert: gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous) cover, check it out.

And thank you Tirzah, and Rachel, and Anastasia, and all the bloggers who've been welcoming Afterparty into the world!

AuthorAnn Stampler