I am down to the wire with the final, final finishing touches of Afterparty. I have been so immersed in this book, especially for the past year ,that for a while @GabbyGardiner's tweets stopped because Emma's voice was so entrenched in my head I could barely speak as myself half the time. So here we are, on the brink of the new book, and here are some things I'd love to know soon, as in yesterday:1.) Have Chinese characters devolved into the realm of the cliche for male tattoos? (Unless, of course, you're Chinese.) 2.) Can English bulldogs tunnel under fences or are they entirely the wrong shape? 3.) And as long as we're talking about dogs, has the Airedale lapsed into such unpopularity that it is virtually extinct? 4.) How many times can a person watch Tickle Penguin on YouTube without being declared officially insane? 5.) If you smoke Gitanes, is the singular a Gitanes (with an "s") or a Gitane (without the "s") or do I just go with godawful French cigarette? Given my propensity for somewhat tongue in cheek posts over at Novel in the Oven, I want say: Not kidding. If you know, do tell.

AuthorAnn Stampler