Why, you may wonder, am I showing you a photo in which I look like a charcoal grey monolith with a tiny, goofy head?  Because this is me posing with awesome YA writers Mindy McGinnis, Kate Karyus Quinn and Demetria Lunetta, at Taylorsville High School in the Salt Lake City area.  Mindy and I started off the day at Granger High School, which has the most stunning new library.  (I was a kid who lived at the library.  These libraries, I’d still be camped there.)

My primary school visit experience comes from a decade of writing picture books.  I know that with the six year old crowd, I rock.  And it’s not that I’m not in love with my high school readers (which I am), and especially with high school writers (so many serious writers at these two schools!), but it’s the public speaking thing with people over three feet tall and no hand puppet to save the day…

Gotta say, these students were so kind and attentive and bright and full of stimulating questions, it was a piece of cake, even sans puppet.  And for that piece of cake, I thank you all!

Also, coming from a school district where our middle school librarians have been cut out, and high school libraries don’t have a budget for books, it is so nice to see these vibrant libraries and the lovely relationships librarians Lorraine Wyness and Michelle Asay have with their students.  Congrats, Utah!

P.S.  I haven’t exactly been good about posting events, but if you’re in the vicinity of Salt Lake City tonight at 7:00 I’ll be part of a YA group event at The King’s English, and tomorrow (10/16) from 5-7, a panel of us are talking about “How We Broke Into YA Publishing…And You Can Too!” at the B&N at South Towne Marketplace.

AuthorAnn Stampler