Last month, I blogged about my decision not to participate in the blogaversary of an otherwise fine YA blogger who said she didn't want to receive submissions of books she characterized as gay and lesbian. I felt, and feel, very strongly that it's wrong to offer support to a blog with a philosophy I consider hurtful to a segment of our YA community that already has enough on its plate.  And in a broader sense to all of us. Well, I'm happy to say that when I visited the blog recently, the restriction was no longer there.

I have no idea what lead the blogger to change her mind. I hope that when she gave her policy some thought, and considered how hurtful it could be, she realized that this was inconsistent with her own values. I hope that she will be open to reviewing books that she rejected previously. And I am very happy for her, for her blog, and for the YA community.

AuthorAnn Stampler