One of the things I love about book festivals is meeting YA bloggers. They are the quintessence of book people. Being bookish isn't their profession, it's their avocation. They're there because they love YA. They read and write about YA because they love YA. They are the perfect people to hang out with if you, too, love YA. So, one morning during the Vegas Valley Book Festival, Gretchen NcNeil and I had a wonderful breakfast with Lisa and Sarah from Girls With Books. Not the least wonderful part of this event was that I was wearing the hideous day-glo orange outfit described in my last post and neither of them giggled. The conversation went everywhere, and these ladies' ability to draw out information resulted in some wonderful Q's (I'm not vouching for the A's, but I did have fun composing them) in an author spotlight, a lovely review of Afterparty, and a giveaway.

Soooo, if you'd like to win a copy of the book, or to read an interview about writing and Afterparty with really great questions, this is where to go:

Please note that I'm not including a photo of the breakfast in question due to all that orange.

AuthorAnn Stampler