Periodically the line between reality and fictions blurs (only slightly) and I find myself shopping for my characters. I mean, usually I don’t buy the stuff. I just think, man, Emma would love that. But now, I’m here to tell you, I’ve bought the stuff. And giving it away. So if you happen to want Mara’s vintage bakelite bracelets and Felix the Cat ring, my psychotic shopping binge could be your opportunity! Alethea, the wonderful blogger at Read Now, Sleep Later is hosting this new Afterparty blog tour, and if you have a sudden urge to acquire all of the stuff pictured below, go for it!!! (There’s more than in the photo: Felix the Cat and Dylan’s Kurt Cobain tee shirt are coming, too!) I feel especially good about giving away all the make-up Emma isn’t allowed to wear and the Kate Spade makeup bag she doesn’t need to keep it in; this should make her dad so happy!  

AuthorAnn Stampler