IMG_0149   IMG_0151 These are two things that arrived in the mail today:

1.) the first pass pages of Afterparty and

2.) an extremely beautiful mulberry-colored dress.

For people who aren't up on arcane publishing terminology (once you've heard it, it just sounds like another duh phrase; before then, arcane) first pass pages are when your book is printed up on pages that look exactly the way they'll be in your book.

This is the last chance to catch mistakes, glitches, and sentences you can't figure out how it is they didn't make you cringe the first 416 times you read them, because now they do.

Tomorrow, fully rested and armed with prodigious quantities of chocolate chip ice cream and ripe mangoes, I will go through these pages with a compulsiveness rarely seen in people who don't take medication for it.

I might wear the dress while doing this.

Come to the launch party in January. (Really!)  I'll be the one wearing the mulberry.

(P.S. This should have been posted a few days ago, but I was too obsessed with the first pass pages to get it together to do it.  And the dress is now so messed up from overuse, it needs a wash.)

AuthorAnn Stampler